Become a Power User
1. Edit your profile.
Add a photo and a few sentences about yourself to your profile.
2. Connect with other members.
On the homepage of each circle, you'll find a list of all members, what they need and what they have to share. Click on their profile icon to contact them directly. Don't be shy!
3. Browse articles, conversations, & resources.
Across the top of each circle's homepage, you'll see all the tools such as articles, conversations, & resources.
4. Join a live event.
Unless a circle's administrator turns it off, you'll see a calendar of upcoming events on your circle's homepage.
5. Create something!
Add a resource; start a conversation; host a live event!

The power of Qiqo is that it helps members of a group organize from the bottom-up. Each member can share ideas and start conversations.
6. Start your own circle.
Do you belong to an organization that could benefit from Qiqo?

Create a circle for your team or organization here. Audio/video meetings are 1 cent/min per person. All other tools are free.
Questions Related to "definitions"
What is a circle?
A circle is for any group of people that would like to collaborate online. You can create a circle here.
What is an unconference?
An unconference is a powerful way to organize participants. Here's an blog article we wrote on this topic.
What is a sub-circle?
You can make your circle a sub-circle of another circle. The link to the parent circle is on the sub-circle's homepage and vice-versa. When someone joins the sub-circle, they also join the parent circle.
What is an email notification?
You can make Qiqo work for you by subscribing to receive updates and comments on any event, conversation, resource, etc.
What is a live event?
Anyone in a circle can schedule a live audio/video discussion on any topic. These events show up in a shared calendar and are included in notifications.
What is screensharing?
During a live event, any participant can use the screensharing button to show what is on their computer.
How does the schedule coordination tool work?
The schedule coordination tool lets you propose a few times for an event to see which one is most convenient for the most members. A link to this tool is above each circle's shared calendar.
What is the peer-to-peer weekly newsletter?
Rather than edited by a single person, it's crowdsourced. Everyone can post one announcement per week. The newsletter goes out every Monday morning.
What is the written conversation tool?
The conversation tool has a top-to-bottom "threaded" view that is similar to what you find in discussion forums. It also has a unique left-to-right view which helps keep large conversations organized.
What is the questions & recommendations tool?
It's an efficient way for your members to gather tips from each other.
What are collections?
You can gather questions and recommendations in "collections" so that you can easily see notifications in the top menu bar.
What is an article?
You can write an article (blog post) on Qiqo and invite other members to add comments. You can also share articles/resources from across the Web.
What is the task tracking tool?
This is a tool for when a few members will collaborate on a single project. Create a new article, scroll down and look for "More Options" and then "Project Task List" to turn this on.
What are uploaded files?
You can upload files from your computer. Look for "Articles, Links, & Files" in the top menu.
What are flashcards?
Flashcards are a good way to store bite-sized knowledge, especially in a circle where members are learning specific new skills or concepts. Look for "More" in the main menu.
What is the community calendar?
Each circle has one if the events tool is turned on. Anyone can announce new events by posting them on the shared calendar.
What are collaborative notes?
Each live event has a tool for collaborative notes, where up to 30 participants can type at the same time.
What is a job board?
Members can share job opportunities with other members. Look for "More" in the main menu.
How does search work?
Look for "Search" in the main menu, and you can search for items shared by other members.
What is the circle-wide word cloud?
The word cloud helps you see which words are used most frequently in your circle. Look for "More" in the main menu of your circle.
What is visual problem mapping?
This tool helps you create a visual diagram to uncover the root causes of a problem. Look for "More" in the main menu of your circle.
What is the 1-on-1 phone hotline?
If you're available to chat by phone about a particular topic, you are able to receive phone calls from other members without having to share your phone number. Look for "Live Café" in the main menu of your circle.
What are video breakouts rooms?
Each live event is comes equipped with several tools such as collaborative notes, the ability to raise your hand, screensharing, and breakout rooms. To create a more dynamic and engaging experience, the host can let all participants divide into breakout rooms for engaging small-group discussions when necessary.
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Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing organizational knowledge more fun and efficient.

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